Three New Styles: No One is Split about Split Panel Caps

Turn heads in Outdoor Cap's sensational trio of split panel caps! These aren't just hats; they're statements, designed to fulfill the yearning for innovation, individuality, and timeless appeal. As we venture into a future where trends evolve, these three cutting-edge styles – the 7-Panel Mesh Back, the Split Panel Performance Snap Back, and the 5-Panel Camper – emerge as the ultimate symbols of versatility. 

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7-Panel Mesh BackOC1062023 New Promo Style OC106 7 panel trending cap






Outdoor Cap's newest stock structured 7-panel cap is an instant favorite for outdoor companies and those looking for a unique look. The structured design not only ensures a comfortable fit but also provides an ample canvas for your personalized embellishments to shine. Get ready to experience a headwear upgrade that's as versatile as your customer’s outdoor pursuits.

Key Attributes:  

  • 7 Panels 
  • Large front panel great for large patches 
  • Chino Cotton Twill Front & Visor 

Inventory available now.


Split Panel Performance Snap CapOC900
2023 New Promo Style OC900 Performance Snapback large 5-panel cap

In the realm of high-performance headwear, the Split-Panel Performance Snap Back reigns supreme. The high crown and split front panels create a dynamic look that commands attention, while the polyester and spandex materials provide the ultimate stretch and comfort for on-the-go individuals. With a Soft Snap Closure, Large Panel for striking patches, and ProFlex Adjustable Sweatband, this cap is your partner in crime for both sports and style.

Key Attributes: 

  • Performance Snapback with Soft Snap Closure 
  • Large Panel Perfect for Large Patches or Designs 
  • ProFlex Adjustable Sweatband 

5-Panel CamperOC505 2023 New Promo Style OC505 5-panel camper squared flat visor with cotton twill fabric euro style





For the connoisseurs of classic headwear with a contemporary twist, this camper features 5-panels that reach back from the front of the hat to the back. The structured front panel ensures the integrity of your decorations, while the unstructured rest of the cap guarantees maximum comfort. With a squared flat visor crafted from premium cotton twill fabric, this cap boasts a Euro style that's sure to turn heads and packs easily for adventures. 

Key Attributes: 

  • Squared Flat Visor 
  • Cotton Twill Fabric & Sweatband 
  • Classic Camper/Euro Shape 

Inventory available beginning September 2023.

From the desk of a Headwear Expert on the matter:   

OC505- a hit with the Outdoorsy type; think National Parks, Bike Shops, Outdoor Outfitter types.

OC900- sure to be a hit with Ath-leisure and craft brewery lovers alike!

OC106- a cap this awesome needed 7 panels to capture all the cool. It will be great for School Spirit Shops, the Leisure and Hospitality, and Transportation industries. 

With a split panel, your decoration can truly shine! The construction of the cap really helps the brand and logo POP and the lack of a center seam makes embroidery a cinch!

-- Tanner Pittman, Account Manager

Best Markets:

These caps are great for outdoor markets, modern brands, and anyone looking to be fashion-forward. These can be caps for young people, high quality athletic brands, events like fundraisers, company golf tournaments, or sponsor functions.

These new styles aren't just caps – they're a reflection of our dedication to meeting your evolving needs. As fashion evolves and trends come and go, these caps stand as timeless icons that will remain in vogue well beyond 2024. With the 7-Panel Mesh Cap, 5-Panel Camper, and Split-Panel Performance Snap Back, we're bridging the gap between classic and contemporary, offering you the chance to stand out and embrace your unique style.

Download the branded or unbranded Split Panel Cap flyers. 


You can get a digital copy of our catalog on the resources page of the Outdoor Cap website. And watch for more of our new styles on the blog.