Our Values

Integrity. Teamwork. Respect. These three words have guided our company since its inception in 1977. We keep these three values in our culture and our decisions every day.


As a privately owned business that depends on trust to drive business outcomes, our relationship with customers, vendors, and suppliers are critical to our success. Every action we take is done deliberately, with clear intention, purpose, and a belief that we are doing the right thing for our customers and our business.


We believe that communication throughout the company is critical for a healthy, productive, and fulfilling work environment. We are a network of teams and individuals across a wide array of disciplines working toward common goals. Take care of customers and make great hats.


We work hard and we know our customers do too. We ensure respect through transparency in communication, by getting to know people for who they are, and by understanding their needs personally and professionally.

Our Expertise

Headwear is the marriage of art and science to make an accessory that you have to love to wear.

While headwear is a category that is often considered a commodity, the reality is that it's a piece of art. Every finished cap has some kind of story in order for a consumer to wear it.


The form factor has to fit the client. The design has to have intention. We have over 100 years of design expertise in-house with a deep understanding of each headwear market and client's customer base. Combine our experience across the spectrum of design, decoration, fabrics, and shapes, and you get hats that people actually wear. You get caps that fly off the shelves.


Headwear preferences keep changing but the need for quality, fit, and performance remain. Our research and development team works three seasons out so tomorrow's trends become a reality. Our strategic partnerships with factories and mills across the globe allow us to stay on-trend regardless of the price targets and timelines.

Supply Chain

Most headwear providers bid out their seasonal orders. Outdoor Cap has built strategic partnerships up and down the supply chain to enable quality, consistency, and massive flexibility in scale. Today's world is a complex place to source apparel products, but you can depend on Outdoor Cap to have the stock and the capabilities your business needs to thrive.

Leadership Team

Paul Mahan


Jeanelle Harris

President & CEO

Craig Mahan

President of JUNK Brands

JJ Reese

Head of Finance & Operations

Ben Roberts

Head of Marketing

Rhonda Norvell

Head of People

Neil Harris

Head of Staff

Michelle Thomas

Head of Customer Experience

Kara Kelcey

Head of Corporate Responsibility &
Quality Assurance

Jamie Jeter

Head of Sales, Promo

Nate Currier

Head of Sales, Sports

Lisa Johnston

Head of Sales, Mass & Mid-Tier

Jake Beem

Head of Sales, Outdoor & Farm

Kim Jones

Head of Manufacturing

Eddie Benford

Head of Product