Summer Intern Cohort Recap

Summer Recap

A new internship program has been created at Outdoor Cap and JUNK. At the beginning of June, we welcomed the first Intern Cohort to the program. These Intern Cohorts are designed to bring all the interns closer together while giving them important knowledge. Each of these interns chose a department based on their interests and degree path. 


Intern Cohort!

Every Wednesday at 10:30am, all the interns would meet in one of our conference rooms to listen to one of the leaders or learn valuable information about Outdoor Cap & JUNK. During these Cohorts, leaders came in such as, Jermain Oldham (Head of IT), Nessia Davis (Head of Recruitment), and Michelle Thomas (Head of Customer Experience). These leaders shared valuable lessons they had learned and explained their path to the careers they chose. 


Meet the Interns! SUMMER-INTERN-COHORT-2023-1-1

Kenzie - Production Manufacturing Order Management for Outdoor Cap.

Lucas - IT for Outdoor Cap.

Luke - Product Design for Outdoor Cap.

Paige - Product Development and Sourcing for Outdoor Cap.

Bryan - Accounting for both JUNK and Outdoor Cap.  

Bella - Creative Department for JUNK. 

Anna Claire - Graphic Design for Outdoor Cap.

Jace - Marketing Department for Outdoor Cap.

Josh - Human Resources for both JUNK and Outdoor Cap. 


We had these interns come together and answer a couple questions about their experience at Outdoor Cap. These questions consisted of various tools, skills, and memories they had learned/gained from their time here at Outdoor Cap. Each of these interns responded to these questions in their own words and gave their insight based on their departments they had worked in. 

Questions & Answers:

What is the greatest soft skill you've learned since starting your internship at Outdoor Cap?

"I learned a lot about the way we do things, including queue of designs, coordinating and adjusting designs, and prioritizing what we can get done." -Luke, Product Design

 "Being able to make connections with other teams and learning how other departments collaborate with each other." -Paige, Product Development

"Not being afraid to ask for help while also understanding the best way to ask questions in order to get the right answers." -Bryan, Accounting

"Checking Asana and developing a good time management strategy to get all of my work done by the end of the day." -Bella, Creative Department

"Categorizing my priorities and figuring out what project needs to be done first." -Anna Claire, Graphic Design

"A mix of focusing, time management, and making connections." -Jace, Marketing

"Research and data analytics are two soft skills that helped me learn how to dig deeper." -Josh, Human Resources


What will you take with you as you move forward either with Outdoor Cap or with your career as a whole?

"That there is no such thing as a dumb question, anyone will be happy to help answer it." -Josh, Human Resources

"Being more confident in the skills I already had," he said, "this internship made me more competent, and I received great feedback." -Luke, Product Design INTERN-INTERVIEW7

"With this internship being my first job in a corporate office, it has helped me expand my skills in the corporate world while giving me the guidance to understand this side of business." -Paige, Product Development

"I wasn't sure where in graphic design I wanted to be, whether it be customs or marketing, but I have a big interest in potentially doing both of these as a full-time job." -Bella, Creative Department

"I wasn't sure if I wanted to be a graphic designer or interior designer, this internship has opened my eyes and allowed me to understand how graphic designers utilize software'" -Anna Claire, Graphic Design

"I agree with Paige on how this internship has helped me expand my skills and given me a better understanding of the corporate world, especially coming from a retail store. I came into this internship trying to gain insight on business in general and on a corporate level." -Jace, Marketing


Did this internship help shape what career path you want to follow?

All the interns agreed that this internship has guided them down a career path they choose to follow, "Before coming into this internship people would try to tell me that corporate jobs are boring and that I wasn't going to do what I wanted to do. I haven't felt like that." -Anna Claire, Graphic Design


What have you learned about Outdoor Caps company culture?

Once asked this question, there seemed to be an underlying theme from each of the interns. They all seemed to have brought up that everyone here at Outdoor Cap cares about each other.

"I have established actual friends with my co-workers, Outdoor Cap knows what they do and they do it well." -Anna Claire, Graphic Design

INTERN-INTERVIEW5 "They really care about their employees, they send out wellness emails and having classes employees can sign up for. This just lets you know that you are a part of the community, and they want you to get involved." -Bryan, Accounting

"You feel important here as an employee, everyone is well grounded and supportive of all other employees. People remember your name, you're important to everyone and they treat you as such. This would make any employee happy." -Bella, Creative Department

"Everyone is so welcoming, and you can just tell that leadership cares about all their employees." -Jace, Marketing

"Everyone is supportive of any task you do, whether it's big or small." -Paige, Product Development

"If you have something come up outside of work everyone will understand. Leadership is flexible but you must be communicative and get your work done." -Josh, Human Resources


If you could go back would you do it all again?

The interns all replied "yes" and nodded their heads without any hesitation.