2023 Fall Market Guide

Outdoor Cap has unveiled its Fall 2023 Market Guide, and it's packed with all the headwear information you and your customers need.

We'll walk you through the key colors that are set to dominate the headwear industry this season and we dish out the latest fabrics and textures. Plus, we'll explore all the newest patches and techniques, where creativity knows no bounds.

This guide is your go-to tool for staying one step ahead, helping you and your customers make informed decisions in the constantly changing realm of headwear.

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Key Trending Colors  

2023 New Promo Style OC602 Trending Color Caps with white cord buttery twill comfortable capAstro Dust: This dusty red hue infuses headwear with futuristic charm and sets your brand apart.  

OC offers one of their trend-forward caps in a Lake Red that suits this key color nicely. 

Sage Leaf: This green creates a seamless bridge between the natural world and modern aspirations.


OC900 Split Panel Performance


Galactic Cobalt: A bold statement that aligns with the present-day fascination with exploration, both in the realms of space and personal style.



Apricot Crush: A lively embrace of color in Apricot Crush shades imparting a burst of vibrancy, a reflection of authenticity, creativity, and a dash of spirited optimism.

Digital Lavendar: As technology intertwines with our existence, Digital Lavender caries over from spring and summer, as a contemporary pastel that effortlessly blends the digital era's dynamic innovation with a soothing aura of calmness.

In our long-term colors, maroon, olive, and brown shades all stick around with our other staple neutrals.  

Fabric & Texture  

Foam Fronts: Channeling a delightful nostalgia, Foam Fronts weave an intricate tale of texture and playfulness, seamlessly merging vintage aesthetics with modern sensibilities, all while adding an unparalleled depth to headwear designs.

2023 New Promo Style OCFOAM 5 panel trending style cowboy hat

Ropes or Cords: The utilitarian charm of ropes and cords captures the ongoing fascination with functional aesthetics, bridging outdoor aspirations with fashion-forward headwear choices.


All over corduroy: A revival of corduroy textures revives the luxury of the past and the contemporary craving for comfort and style in a single thread.


Velvet Buttery Twill: Velvet Buttery Twill invites wearers to indulge in a sensory experience that marries comfort with elegance, embodying a distinct sense of refinement.


Heathered Material: Tradition and innovation is captured in the versatile embrace of heathered textures, modern classic comfort through the lens of contemporary design.


2023 New Promo Style OC801P Ladies Tea Stain unique print stars, modern cheetah, and polka dotDenim-inspired looks: Denim's timeless charisma finds a headwear manifestation this season, Americana charm meets adaptability that resonates across industries.

Perforation and laser-cut designs: A blend of function and aesthetics, perforation and laser-cut techniques cater to the desire for both visual intrigue and enhanced breathability.


Full crown mesh: Urban spirit and active energy, full crown mesh textures cater to the individuals who value dynamic movement and embrace a lifestyle that perfectly mixes sport with style.

Patches & Techniques 

Rubber patch 2Rubber Patches in Custom Shapes: Rubber patches, with their textured allure and custom shapes, offer a distinctive platform to showcase brand identity and innovative designs in captivating 3D.

Emboss and Deboss: Light and shadow in embossing and debossing techniques introduce an element of sophistication, elevating headwear with a timeless touch that speaks to refined aesthetics.


Multiple Colors: Vibrant, multi-hued patches make a headwear statement. These dynamic blends of colors can capture the imagination of any brand.


Welds: Welded patches establish a minimalist elegance, appealing to the aficionados of understated refinement, while reflecting preferences for clean lines and impeccable design sensibility. They allow for intricate detail and varied finishes. 


Decorative Stitching: Bold decorative stitching showcases the dedication that goes into headwear creation, choosing bolder stitching highlights the cap lines itself and lends to more rustic looks. 

  2023 New Promo Style GC100M Generic Camo Fashion Duck Camo brown mesh

All Over Prints: All-over prints make an unapologetic statement, enveloping headwear with captivating narratives that encapsulate bold expressions and vivid interpretations of contemporary culture.

All Over Patterns and Generic Camo: The enduring appeal of camo patterns persists- it's inspired by utilitarian aesthetics, streetwear influences, and a nod to the evergreen charm of military-inspired fashion.


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