Welcome the most comfortable cap you’ll ever own – the OCflx.

This cap comes in two styles: the FLX672M, which is our flagship style, and the FLX672M-E, which is our eco version. Both caps have a combination of stretch mesh panels and our ProFlex® adjustable sweatband for exceptional comfort and fit. And when we say exceptional, we mean it – it’s really that good. These caps are a revolution in comfort for the everyday wearers and the soon-to-be everyday wearers this cap will create.  

Which industry does the OCflx fit in? 

Promotional Products, Retail Market, Spirit Wear/Championship Gear 

When we say all-day wear, we mean you’ll forget to take it off. No forehead imprint, flexible for any head, and quality material and this cap stands the test of time. It’s perfect for outdoor and active markets.  

Outdoors and Tourism 

There’s nothing a dad loves more than getting a ball cap for family vacation. Whether you’re a lake family, going to Yosemite, or a frequent flyer of any gift shop, there are caps to be had. Travel and tourism can even branch to your local museum or hiking trail resupply store.  


From training in a cap to repping a local box. Gyms, local nutrition suppliers, healthy restaurants all have an opportunity to build brand loyalty with this comfortable cap.  

For the Team 

The OCflx is comfortable for any head and is ideal for high sweat and sport conditions. It’s great for spirit wear and fan gear, and a perfect cap for those championships wins. Approaching teams always comes with the mindfulness of licenses, if you have a contact with a school big or small confirm the legality of using logos or likenesses. 

College Caps 

College students, athletic departments, and alumni alike—There are opportunities abound for fanwear from associate degree programs to university. College campuses are brimming with clubs, Greek life, and activities.  


Booster Clubs, Parent Teacher Associations (PTA), and Parent Teacher Organizations (PTO) are groups made up of parents and faculty who come together to serve students. These groups can act as gatekeepers; if you build a solid relationship with them, they’re likely to recommend you and your school-spirited products to other departments within the district. 

Clubs and Travel Ball 

From your community center to local parks and recreation there are always community leagues and contacts for traveling teams.  


Sustainability has been trending far beyond the reach of the promotional products industry into the straws we use, the clothes we buy second-hand, and what we eat. A survey from PPAI says that 11% of promotional product customers feel sustainability efforts are a major weakness of the industry. 
The OCflx ECO is environmentally friendly with 40% recycled front panels, 100% recycled stretch mesh and visor board. The FLX672M-E is a nice to have for the customers that prefer sustainability. 

How to order a sample of the OCflx 

The OCflx is stretch perfected. It’s good for all-day wearers. It is a quality cap that prioritizes comfort and a clean style for your customers. It’s great for all industries but perfect for outdoor, adventure, and active brands.  

Request your samples at outdoorcap.com/OCflx