Business Development Kit: Automotive

Outdoor Cap is changing the way you sell headwear with our new Business Development Kits. 

By choosing the Automotive Kit, you'll receive:

  • Three Custom Trucking Caps
  • An Auto Industry White Paper
  • Targeted Customizable Flyers
  • An End User Focused PowerPoint Sales Presentation

In 2016, there were around 4 million cars produced and 6.9 million cars purchased in the United States.

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Many dealerships are locally owned and operated, so promotional advertising is one of the best ways for them to spend their marketing dollars. Since promo caps will be worn locally at grocery stores, ballgames, and movie theaters, they will get maximum exposure in their area.

They need trusted advertising that is going to stay local and keep their brand in the minds of their target consumers.

Garages & Body Shops

Promotional caps can be used as part of the uniform for independently owned garages and body shops as well as those owned and operated by dealerships. 

Mechanics and auto shops have an overall bad reputation for being liars and crooks. It is a longstanding stereotype that small business owners have to work diligently to overcome. Promotional hats can be very effective in building trust among current and potential customers.

Car Shops

Car shows are local events held in communities where individuals show off their specialty vehicles. This includes old, classic muscle cars as well as new, souped-up custom cars. 

Caps can be used as giveaways for attendees, door prizes, and uniforms for staff and volunteers. If it is an annual show, be sure to mention how handing out free hats to show patrons will help to promote the show for years to come.

Auto Part Stores

Although you will occasionally find a locally owned auto part store, most of these will also be national chains. So, you will once again have to make your way through gatekeepers in order to get to the person who will become your buyer. There may even be a team of decision makers you will work with.

A good way to pitch branded hats, in this case, is as an add-on gift for special sales. For instance, during the holidays, stores can give out free hats with every purchase. Or the special can run year-round with the purchase of a specific big-ticket item.


As you know, these companies are all giant entities with multiple locations-offices, factories, research and development labs, etc.

There are countless ways you can try to get in with businesses of this size. And there is no reason you can't sell to more than one department from the same company, they are all on the same team after all.

In fact, if you provide them with high-quality headwear (we have you covered there) and excellent customer service, your buyer will be happy to introduce you to other decision-makers throughout the enterprise.

If you can help automotive companies see how valuable promotional headwear can be in growing and maintaining their customer base, your sales volumes are guaranteed to increase.

Use your Automotive Kit to generate ideas for reaching out to any of the above-mentioned institutions and close more sales.

At Outdoor Cap, we want to help you win the sale. When you succeed, we succeed. That is why we are offering these selling kits to you. It is important to us that your customers realize and take advantage of the value promotional headwear can bring them.

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