Business Development Kit: Technology

Outdoor Cap is changing the way you sell headwear with our new Business Development Kits. 

By choosing the Technology Kit, you'll receive: 

  • Three Custom Tech Caps
  • A Tech Industry White Paper
  • Targeted Customizable Flyers
  • An End User Focused PowerPoint Sales Presentation

Jobs within the technology industry have increased for five consecutive years. In 2015, the market reached a total of 6.7 million workers, more than the financial and construction industries. A total of 45 states saw increased job growth with California, New York, and Texas leading the charge.

There are over 473,000 tech companies in the U.S. accounting for about 7% of the GDP.Blog Image_BDK Technology.jpg

Enticing New & Potential Talent

Did you know tech startups spend more on promotional items for internal use than most other industries year after year? Or that 70% of distributors surveyed said their customers in the technology industry purchased apparel items?

Representatives from the company's Human Resources team will travel the country to attend job fairs and college recruiting events. Make sure they have packed plenty of trendy logoed caps that college students will appreciate and wear all over campus. This will further expand the brand reach

Milestone Gifts

Another way that tech startups use promotional products internally is to celebrate milestones with gifts for their employees.

Businesses have to work to maintain loyalty and keep their employees happy, so whether it is the startup or an individual celebrating a milestone, promotional caps are a great way to keep employees engaged.

Promotional hats and other apparel items are great ways to commemorate these landmark events. If you can get in with a startup when they are fresh and just getting off the ground, you will be there from the beginning to help plan for and properly celebrate these events as they come.

Trade Show Uniforms

It is important that companies, especially new startups trying to establish credibility in the market, look professional and put together. But, since the representatives will be at trade shows all day long, you will want to outfit them in something they will be comfortable in for long periods of time. 

The good news for you here is each year they will order from you again for a new round of trade shows. Typically, they will want to change up what they wear at least every couple of years if not every year. But even if they don't, they will still have to reorder for new reps that have joined the team.

Know Your Buyers

We talked about how tech companies can use promotional caps for recruiting and marketing purposes. For this reason, it is imperative that you have a buyer in both the Human Resources department and the Marketing team.

If you have made a sale with one but not the other, do not be afraid to ask your contact to connect you, most of the time they will be happy to at least provide an email introduction. They are all on the same team, after all.

If you can help technology companies see how valuable promotional headwear can be in growing and maintaining their talent pool, your sales volumes are guaranteed to increase. 

Use your Technology Kit to generate ideas on how to close more sales when you call on Marketing or Human Resources Teams in the tech sector.

At Outdoor Cap, we want to help you win the sale. When you succeed, we succeed. That is why we are offering these selling kits to you. It is important to us that your customers realize and take advantage of the value promotional headwear can bring them.

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