Business Development Kit: Agriculture

Outdoor Cap is changing the way you sell headwear with our new Business Development Kits.

By choosing the Agriculture Kit, you'll receive:

  • Three Custom Farm Caps
  • An Agriculture Industry White Paper
  • Targeted Customizable Flyers
  • An End User Focused PowerPoint Sales Presentation

In 2015, the agriculture industry made up 5.5% of the United States GDP. America's farms earned over $136.5 billion.

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Farms & Ranches

There are 2.2 million farms in the United States covering approximately 922 million acres, with each farm averaging around 418 acres.

Farmers primarily raise crops, although hogs, poultry, goats, and dairy cows are also common. Alternatively, ranchers raise cattle or sheep to sell for slaughter 

Promotional caps are great farmers, ranchers, and their workers to use day in and day out, but they are also a nice token of appreciation they can give to their buyers to help grow and maintain the business side of their work.

Equipment Sales & Co-Ops

Most large, specialty equipment that farmers use to plow, sow, and harvest their land will be purchased through independent salesmen, salesmen who need their own promotional caps to grow their business and increase their clientele. 

Logoed caps can also be used as a gift for salesmen to show appreciation after their customer makes a purchase.

Farmers and ranchers go to co-ops to purchase things like feed, seed, and medicine for their animals. Reach out to all the co-ops in your territory to see how you can meet their promotional needs.

Farmer's Markets & Craft Fairs

Often times, farmers will take their locally grown produce to farmer's markets to sell to individual consumers and to small businesses and restaurants in the area. They can give out their branded caps at these events in order to promote their farm and its homegrown goods.

Craft fairs are where small business owners and tradesmen sell their handmade goods. Many of these crafts include things like leather and woodworking that come straight from the agriculture industry. Reach out to these individuals to tell them about the value of headwear as a promotional tool.

Use your Agriculture Kit to generate ideas for reaching out to any of the above-mentioned facilities and close more sales.

At Outdoor Cap, we want to help you win the sale. When you succeed, we succeed. That is why we are offering these selling kits to you. It is important to us that your customers realize and take advantage of the value promotional headwear can bring them.

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