Sample Specialists: The Second Step in Custom Domestic Embroidery

Last time we discussed the Account Lead’s role as your primary point of contact for all things domestic embroidery. Today, we’re going to look at a more behind the scenes role you may not even be aware of—the Sample Specialist.

The Role of a Sample Specialist

The first thing your Sample Specialist will do is set up an art number for your design. She does this for each cap you sample. So anytime you change logos, cap styles, colorways, thread, etc. it will all have its own art number in our system.

This makes reorders quick and easy; all you do is send us your purchase order number. Or we can look up your customer number and see all of your previous orders.

We use Isacord thread, so your Sample Specialist will convert your PMS colors to the closest possible match we offer. She’ll fill in a description of the logo, colors, and embroidery placement details, and select whether you want flat or 3D (also known as puff) embroidery.

Virtual Logo.jpg

After everything is complete and accurate, the Sample Specialist will request your sample by a virtual logo (also known as a digital sew-out), sample photo, or virtual design.

A virtual logo will show your logo with the selected thread colors on a background of your cap’s color. You can expect this proof within 24 hours of requesting your sample.

If you’re not in a hurry, we will actually sew a physical sample of your cap and send you photos. This typically takes 2-3 business days.


A virtual design is a full-color graphic with virtual images of your cap from all angles. You can expect this proof within 24 hours as well. This method is used to approve the artwork for a sew-out.

Once you approve your design by either virtual logo or sample photo, it will go into production and we’ll ship your order within 7 business days.

Virtual Design.jpg

What to Consider When Ordering Your Samples

Outdoor Cap charges by stitch count, there is no additional charge for multiple thread colors. Our base embroidery price is $3.80(A) per cap for any front logo containing 12,000 stitches or fewer. 3D embroidery is an additional $2.00(A) and only available on the front of the cap. 

Side embroidery is an additional $1.40(A) and back embroidery is an additional $2.00(A), both for 5,000 stitches or fewer. The difference in pricing is because we have to re-hoop the cap in order to embroider on the back, but not for side logos. 

We can embroider on mesh, but not on fabric closures.

Keep checking back as we do a deep dive into each step in the custom domestic embroidery process. We’ll sit down with a Graphic Designer next time to learn everything from their perspective. 

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