Outdoor Cap Announces Peter Cohen as New Head of Product

PETER-COHEN-HEADSHOT We are thrilled to have Peter Cohen join the Outdoor Cap Company Executive team as the new Head of Product. 

Peter began his international career in the United States Peace Corps in Ukraine as the youngest economic consultant at the time. His background includes consulting and management, as well as marketing and branding, supply chain and logistics, and new market entry and development across multiple industries. He has worked with many of the world’s leading companies and brands (e.g., LinkedIn and Levi’s), license-holders (e.g., Harry Potter and Marvel), retailers and supermarkets (e.g., Marks & Spencer & Sports Direct), franchises (e.g., Church’s Chicken & Hardees’) and Amazon sellers.

Peter brings more than 25 years of international experience and has lived in Ukraine, Hungary, Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Thailand.  

“Peter’s vast background in sourcing and product leadership will bring a high-level focus to crafting our strategic approach moving forward. He will be leveling up that approach, and our leadership team is excited to partner with him on continuous improvement of our people, customer, partner, and product experience,” said Outdoor Cap's CEO, Jeanelle Harris.

Peter will lead the company’s Product roadmap and global sourcing strategy. His four key priorities will be streamlining our processes, optimizing our cost, diversifying our supply base, and integrating our teams.

He chose Outdoor Cap for its culture, community, and optimism, “everyone is kind and genuinely interested in improving and moving forward… people are jazzed to come to work, and there is an optimistic feeling that is worth a lot.” 

Peter has traveled and enjoys it, but he has enjoyed spending more time with his family over the last few years. He has lived in a lot of places where being outdoors wasn’t pleasant, and he, his wife, and two children look forward to exploring The Natural State with their move to NWA.

Learn more about Peter or connect with Outdoor Cap's leadership team here