Outdoor Cap's new Safety & Wellness Coordinator

Safety and wellness have been top of mind at Outdoor Cap. While we have many programs to protect our employees, we have never had a dedicated person to advocate and partner with employees to meet safety and wellness goals. In past years, we've worked with different agencies that have treated us well but weren't “us."  We needed a more holistic approach. 

“Over the last few years, we've learned that stressors impact how we work, make decisions, and manage our households. We wanted someone in-house to be able to help and be dedicated to advocating for our employees, leaning into mental health especially," said Rhonda Norvell, Head of Human Resources. 

With a dedicated person added to the HR team, we can meet the needs and wants of our employees. A Wellness & Safety Coordinator is dedicated to making connections in the community to make sure we are providing the best wellness benefits and top-notch safety, and we wanted a coordinator who was passionate about their job and able to identify barriers to health and wellness for all employees.

Meet Mallory Swan. She is joining the Outdoor Cap team as the Wellness & Safety Coordinator, rounding out our Human Resources Department. reference content 2022_OC_Mallory Swan-New Safety

Mallory comes to us from Nabholz Corporation, where she has a hefty background in wellness and safety. There she did the legwork for their corporate wellness programs, challenges, personal training, and a program for tobacco cessation. She helped update the corporate safety program to cater to specific divisions. Mallory also has her MA in Health Sciences for the University of Central Arkansas and is passionate about this new role.  

Mallory has been looking forward to working with Outdoor Cap since interview one. She has a passion for wellness and safety and is excited about Outdoor Cap's enthusiasm for her position. She also said, “The culture was very welcoming and inviting, which was really important to me." 

She plans to build out the ever-evolving wellness and safety program after getting a feel for how Outdoor Cap operates. She will implement tailored programs and training for each area of the business. All this will build on the foundation of safety established here at Outdoor Cap to make it better and more thorough. 

“Everyone can stay safe. We should come to work and have a safe space. We have control over that," she stated, grouping in a plan to improve the livelihoods, education, and resources, for everyone at Outdoor Cap. 

Any employee can reach out to Mallory with concerns, questions, input, or anything OC needs in terms of safety or wellness. Her desk number is (479)419-4537, or you can reach her via email or Teams.