Outdoor Cap Activities for August 2022

Outdoor Cap's Mission, Vision, and Values are all key motivators for employees in the company. These core commitments are hung on the walls and scattered throughout our company's facilities to remind people how the company wants to go about it's business. The values at Outdoor Cap are to act with integrity, work together as a team, and treat others with respect. This company makes sure they apply these values day in and day out. Hosting and attending events that helps strengthen employee's commitment to the company is significant to the company's success.

A big event that took place in the beginning of August was Outdoor Cap's Leadercast. For two days, supervisors, managers, and leaders, from all our business units, gathered together in person to attend and participate in this event.

This two day event was a great way to connect and inspire all of Outdoor Cap's leaders. Those who attended Leadercast were trained and inspired with ways to become better leaders in the workplace and in their everyday lives. Grit, trust, drive, fun, and many other important traits were keynotes during this event. Leaders left this event knowing the importance and impact these traits have in creating a great leader.


The presenters at this event were some of Outdoor Cap's top leaders in the company. Our CEO, Jeanelle Harris make sure to lay out the vision and direction of the company as well as share her own stories of leadership and growth. Giving the company's leaders a better understanding of the future of the company helps them relay the message and vision to their teams so that the whole company can move in the same direction. 


This event did not only make the company as a whole better, but it gave each individual a better understanding on how to become a better leader in their personal lives. One of the many leaders who attended Leadercast was Outdoor Cap's Director of Purchasing, Stacy Ash. When asked about the event Stacy responded with, "Every year, Leadercast brings together a variety of experts to share proven strategies for personal and professional growth. By the end of the two days, we knew a little more about the vision and direction of the company; we knew a little more about some of the other departments’ opportunities; we know each other better; and we had some key takeaways to think about our own career development."



Another event held at Outdoor Cap were the company's Campus Tours. Outdoor Cap Campus Tours were each about an hour long. The tour went through the entire campus of three buildings in Bentonville, that includes the warehouse, offices, and brand new JUNK Brands building. Not only did employees get to see all the areas of the facility, but at each department, an employee in that department would give a quick summary their team and responsibilities. This would include day to day tasks, special tasks, and what makes the department valuable to keep the company running smoothly. Every employee engaged left with a better understanding why each department is crucial to keep the company successful.

One employee who was able to go on a campus tour and also explain her department's role in the company, was Babbs Clements. When asked about the campus tour she responded with, "The campus tours were a great opportunity to hear what our teammates do, from them directly. I loved when they identified their team and each person’s role too. I found it fascinating to learn that our manufacturing facilities overseas, Outdoor Cap has literacy programs to teach staff how to read & write in their native language. I also had the opportunity to speak on behalf of marketing to the tour groups and enjoyed getting to explain what our team does and how we work to provide materials for our customers both internal and external."


These big events were not the only events Outdoor Cap held in August. During the hot summer months, one way Outdoor Cap likes to reward their employees is to have a KONA ICE truck serve up snow cones. While the truck was here for a little over an hour, over 220 snow cones were served to Outdoor Cap employees. The employees who got a snow cone were able to use KONA's self serve syrups to flavor up their snow cone with as many syrup flavors as they wanted. This snow cone truck was great from employees who wanted a break from the heat and interact with their co-workers.
Kona Ice > Shaved Ice Truck


August was also a big month for trade shows. One of the shows that Outdoor Cap had a booth at was the Sports Inc. Outdoor Sporting Goods Show. This show in Indianapolis was held from August 14th through the 16th. Amanda Keith is one of the employees who attended this show. Amanda explained by day 3 it slowed down but when describing the first two days she stated, "Day one started off a little slow but picked up as the day progressed! We got to meet up with some great customers and visit with new potential customers as well. Day two was where it was at, the booth seemed much busier with many of the potential customer from the day prior asking for new customer set up forms!"

Sports Inc Tradeshow

Another show Outdoor Cap attended was the Mid-States 2022 Fall Show. This show took place in Phoenix, Arizona on the 18th, 19th, and 20th of August. Natasha Snider was an employee that attended this show. Natasha's recap of the show stated, "All in all, the show felt like a big success." Natasha also mentioned that someone who has attended this show many times, mentioned that it was the busiest he has ever seen our booth.

Sports Inc Tradeshow

The final in-person trade show Outdoor Cap attended in August was the NBS (Nation's Best Sports) Fall Semi Annual Market. This NBS trade show was held in Fort Worth, Texas from August 22nd through the 24th. Due to heavy rainstorms, many buyer's flights where delayed or cancelled, so day 1 of this event was slow. Natasha was an attendee at this trade show as well and noted, "Days 2 and 3 were still slower than normal, but we did have a steady amount of customers come by. Just like at Mid-States many were requesting “new looks” for their hats. We discussed looks that we could create for them that were on brand, but lifestyle minded."


Outdoor Cap also attended PromoLive, which was a virtual show in the month of August. Although this show was not in person, we were still able to interact with several potential customers. Just like an in person show, Outdoor Cap set up a booth that showcased our products. There were multiple Outdoor Cap employees that were able to answer any questions that potential or existing customers may of have. One of these employees was Stephanie Blood. Stephanie stated that, "This was a great opportunity to promote Outdoor Cap We all enjoyed getting to meet the visitors to our booth and several of us made good connections. I was able to get the information to several potential customers to get accounts set up." One of our Inside Sales Reps also did a presentation about the power of headwear and how easy it can be to build great on-brand product. 

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