Beachbilly Lifestyle Caps Now Available at Walmart

Beachbilly WalmartOutdoor Cap, one of the world's largest and most diverse headwear companies, partnered with Beachbilly Lifestyle to create expertly crafted headwear combined with Beachbilly's signature simplicity and sunshine.

Beachbilly Lifestyle is a combination of country living with a laid back beach lifestyle. The brand now includes a television show and apparel company. Josh Brown, founder of Beachbilly Lifestyle, along with his wife and kids, live, film, and spread the "Beachbilly" lifestyle in Pensacola, Florida. 

"Joining the Outdoor Cap family was one of the best decisions we made since starting Beachbilly Lifestyle. From their production and development team all the way to the head office, they have made this experience and journey amazing." said Brown.

Outdoor Cap invited Brown to their home office in Bentonville, Arkansas to tour the facility and review designs with the headwear experts themselves.

Kyle Watkins, Director of Sales for Outdoor Cap, said, "Josh and his team have been fantastic to work with from day one. They allowed our teams to show true headwear expertise by enabling us to combine current market trends with their brand to create an amazing headwear assortment that has something for everyone."

During the visit, Brown toured Outdoor Cap's warehouse where each Beachbilly cap is decorated and filmed his experience

"The quality of our caps is second to none! Outdoor Cap's eagerness to showcase and present our brand is truly a blessing and has helped our company grow faster than what we ever expected." stated Brown. 

"We are incredibly excited to be working with the Beachbilly team in helping them grow an already strong regional brand and what better place to do that than Walmart!" stated Watkins.

The headwear line, featuring 8 different Beachbilly styles, is now available for purchase at 50 Walmart stores throughout the southeast region of the United States. 

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About Beachbilly Lifestyle

Beachbilly Lifestyle was started by Josh Brown, his wife Jessica, and their three boys. After losing both of their moms to cancer, Josh and Jessica made it their top priority to spend as much time with their kids as possible. One thing they did together was go to the Pensacola Interstate Fair and bought a few of chickens. This was followed by purchasing more chickens, meat rabbits, goats, and buying land by the beach to start a farm. They also started making their own vegetables and got pretty good at it. Not too long after they started this new lifestyle, they started making videos showing others how rewarding their lifestyle could be. They made and posted their videos of them fishing, gardening, raising chickens, enjoying the beach, and other activities of enjoying the outdoors on multiple platforms. They now have their own TV Show and sell their own apparel. They describe Beachbilly as any person who loves the beach, woods, and all things outdoors as they journey to Simplicity & Sunshine.