Buckets are Back!

Bucket hats have transcended their '90s roots to become a must-have item once again. And with two options – the classic cotton and the performance bucket, there is versatility and comfort added to this style, making it perfect for the world of promo gear. 

Introducing two exceptional bucket hats – the Medium Washed Bucket and the Performance Bucket . These new headwear shapes are designed to appeal to a wide range of customers, making them a valuable addition to any distributor's inventory. Let's dive into the best markets for these hats and explore why distributors should consider adding them to their product lineup.


Medium Washed Bucket


OC200 Medium Washed Bucket







Best Markets

Outdoor Enthusiasts and Adventure Seekers: This bucket hat is perfect for companies whose customers love spending time outdoors, whether it's hiking, fishing, camping, or simply enjoying a day at the beach. Its medium washed finish gives it a rugged and timeless look that appeals to nature lovers.


Fashion-Conscious Crowds: The Medium Washed Bucket is not just about function; it's a stylish accessory that can complete any casual outfit. Its trendy design makes it a hit among those who prioritize both fashion and sun protection.


Event Merch: Festivals, outdoor concerts, and sporting events are great opportunities to sell the Medium Washed Bucket. Its comfortable fit and customizable logo placement make it an excellent choice for event merch and promo.

This hat’s versatility and wide audience ensure steady demand for the coming seasons. It’s durable and made of high-quality materials ready for intense wear from festivals to the top of mountains. It’s highly customizable for the most creative customers. 








The Performance Bucket


  OC200PF Performance Bucket






Best Markets

Athletes and Sports Enthusiasts: The Performance Bucket is engineered for active individuals. It offers moisture-wicking and UV protection, making it a top choice for sports like golf, tennis, and hiking.

Corporate and Team Events: Companies and sports teams can customize these hats with logos and slogans, making them ideal for corporate giveaways, team merch, and promo events.

Health and Wellness: With increased awareness of skin protection, this hat caters to individuals who prioritize sun safety during outdoor workouts and activities.

This hat is as functional as they come. It’s an excellent choice for upscale events, it’s highly customizable and looks good all year.








From fashion-conscious crowds to outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, and corporate clients, these bucket hats have the potential to become your best-selling products. 



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