Deep Dive: 2024 Spring & Summer Market Guide

The Spring and Summer 2024 Market Guide is your go-to tool for staying one step ahead, helping you and your customers make informed decisions in the constantly changing realm of headwear. It's packed with all the headwear info you and your customers are looking for, key colors set to dominate the headwear industry this season, and what’s new with the latest fabrics and textures.  

Key Colors 

Apricot Crush: The standout color for 2024, widely used in decoration and detail, pairs seamlessly with trending apparel

Pantone called it on this one. This fruity tone is bold and particularly popular among those who want to showcase their dynamic and creative style. Apricot Crush pairs well with various textures and fabrics making it a great choice for companies with upbeat brands.  

Radiant Red: A bold and playful red- perfect for the vibrant summer vibes 

Get ready to embody the excitement of the summer. It’s the patriotic headwear color choice for the hottest months this year. You’ll see it at outdoor events, festivals, and all the barbeques.  

Elemental Blue: A harmonious and versatile denim neutral tone 

This one is sophisticated and classic. It blends well with all existing brand colors from corporate to casual. It’s an adaptable color that goes easily from walks to lake trips.  

Nutshell: A new frontrunner, great for rugged workwear to coastal styles 

Nutshell introduces a fresh and earthy tone to headwear. The color aligns with durable and authentic brands. Casual, workwear or beach inspired: we love the flexibility of this color. 

Cyber Lime: Popular among younger audiences and modern brands 

This electric hue gives the wearer a modern edge. It’s best for streetwear and tech-savvy individuals and brands. Embrace bold. Stand out.  

Fondant Pink: A pigmented pastel with an easygoing and soothing appeal 

This pink more saturated than that old staple, millennial pink, for more stand-out apparel. Like cyber lime, fondant pink is great for urban fashion and digitally-centered brands.  

Sun Protection 

Sun protection designs for spring and summer 2024 prioritize functionality. Boonies and bucket hats take center stage, offering ample SPF coverage. Reversible options provide versatility, allowing easy switch between different styles effortlessly. Vibrant prints and patterns further elevate sun protection headwear, transforming it into an accessory that not only safeguards but also makes a fashion statement. 

Casual Headwear 

For casual headwear in 2024, a perfect blend of comfort and style emerges. Full mesh crowns and 5-panel foam fronts and dad hats carry over as popular shapes, providing a relaxed fit for summer fun. 

Oversized graphics become the focal point. Those are the walking billboards we love about caps.  

Ropes add a touch of adventure, and we are seeing them grow in popularity in all brands, including outdoor exploration. Solid colors and classic camo patterns contribute to the overall casual aesthetic, making these hats versatile additions to any laid-back, yet fashionable, wardrobe. 

Direct embroidery takes center stage in decorations, adding a nostalgic feel and classic look to any cap. Solid colors maintain that same appeal, while all-over prints infuse a playful and vibrant energy.  

Stars and Stripes 

The Stars and Stripes headwear trends for spring and summer 2024 are fireworks of red, white and blue. Color blocking takes center stage in shaping these hats, offering a bold and contemporary aesthetic.  
The decorations feature various flag-inspired elements, such as flag background art, stylized flags, and cropped flag motifs. Silicone welds are also still trending and the textured look enhances any overall design.  
This headwear trend captures the essence of patriotism while staying on the cutting edge of fashion. 

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