Promotional Hats for Professionals

Do doctors and lawyers need pens to scribble on prescriptions and legal pads? Of course, they do. But do you know what else they need? Promotional caps to keep the sun out of their eyes during their 10:00 am tee time. Anyone who owns their own practice needs inexpensive, fun ways to ensure their brand is recognizable and consistently used out in the community; promotional hats for professionals do just that.

With entrepreneurs, be sure to sell them on the limitless customizable options. There are tons of sharp hat designs to make sure they fit into the professional atmosphere. It will not look as if someone just stuck a logo on a cap, and their clients will actually want to wear it. 

In our last blog, we looked at using promotional products for doctors, CPAs, and architects. Today, we’re continuing to discuss promotional hats for professionals as we dive into IT, PIs, and attorneys._JNK2517

Information Technology

Jobs within the technology industry have increased for five consecutive years. In 2015, the market reached a total of 6.7 million workers, more than the financial and construction industries. A total of 45 states saw increased job growth with California, New York, and Texas leading the charge.

There are over 473,000 tech companies in the U.S. accounting for about 7% of the GDP.

Professionals within the Information Technology (IT) sector will often freelance either on the side or full time, doing everything from fixing, servicing, and de-bugging home computers to setting up servers for small businesses, as well as much more in-depth jobs that far exceed my personal understanding.

It is important that you help these individuals and small businesses advertise in order for them to acquire new clients and business opportunities.

Private Investigators

Most Private Investigators (PIs) are professionals who have had previous training in tracking, analyzing, and detective work—think retired police officers, or ex-military personnel. These entrepreneurs are hired for the specific need of the client. This can be anything from finding a long-lost loved one, catching a cheating spouse, or even reviewing evidence to help solve a crime.

As you can imagine, it is often a job that brings little joy to the client, and can come with its fair share of bad news. PIs can offer caps as a way to say thank you for hiring me. It can encourage individuals and families that while he may not always bring about good news, this professional is going to do his best to give them the answers they need. It can be the one small bit of light during a difficult time.


Whether they are fresh out of law school and trying to build their reputation, or they are a partner at the most prestigious firm in town, lawyers love to give high-quality gifts to their clients. 

Promotional caps for professionals creates a favorable impression in the mind of the consumer, especially when given at the appropriate time—during a business meeting on the golf course, for instance. When you walk into a meeting with a room full of attorneys, it is your job as the distributor to show them several samples that will wow their audience.

If you can help consumers within the professional industry see how valuable promotional headwear can expand their business’s reach, your sales volumes are guaranteed to increase.

For more information on selling promotional caps into the professional industry, order a Business Development Kit today.

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