Outdoor Cap named in the "Greatest Companies To Work For" by PPAI

Outdoor Cap has been recognized as one of the Greatest Companies To Work For by PPAI. Each year Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) finds the best places to work in the promotional products industry across thousands of supplier and distributor companies by surveying employees at those companies across benefits, resources, culture, leadership, and overall company direction. The winners each year have the highest marks from their respective employees. 

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Our Head of Employee Experience, Neil Harris, noted that there are so many people to thank and the cultural shift overall has contributed to a workplace that people are happier to show up to, and happy to make better. 

Every team member participates in the experience we have as employees. Our relationships with each other and our work contribute to moving the company forward and making Outdoor Cap a great place to work and a great place for new employees. PPAI-2023-26 (1)

“CEO and President Jeanelle Harris has been incredibly intentional. People are the heart of our organization and the first pillar along with the other co-equal pillars in our business. If we take care of our people, it trickles down into everything else we do,” added Neil.

We are increasing our training across the company, committing time and resources to training and developing supervisors. Even more work is in the pipeline investing in each of our current employees’ growth and appeal for recruitment.

OC-COMPANY-PICNIC-2023-37Why this matters

This award is a reflection of all the work we have put in. It’s a reflection that people come to Outdoor Cap for their workday and they are more inclined than not to come here with a positive mindset. 

We can now communicate to our promo customers with confidence that when they choose to do business with us, they are choosing to do business with a company that takes good care of their employees and employees are satisfied doing that job.

If our employees are happier, we can make our customers happier.  OC-COMPANY-PICNIC-2023-70

This is also beneficial in recruiting efforts for Outdoor Cap. Coming to work here is going to be a positive experience and we now have the data to back it up. We can say it’s a great place to work, but with the feedback that went into winning this award, there is testimonial to show it’s true. 

Neil says this award feels premature, as the Employee Experience and Human Resources teams have so much in store for the people at Outdoor Cap, “The work is never done and we are just scratching the surface.”

Jamie Jeter, our Head of Sales, Promotional Products, said, “Thousands of companies are nominated for this award, but only the 67 were recognized... The leaders of Outdoor Cap have worked to make this a place that upholds it employees to Teamwork, Integrity and Respect... We are full of imperfections, but because of the people, it is a place that is perfect for me...  It is crafting our future!”


It’s important to celebrate recognition and milestones. The team is celebrating with a soft-serve ice cream truck and some time spent together.

“There are four legs to the stool,” said Neil, “Day-to-day work experience, special opportunities, the investment in training and development, and recognizing people for their accomplishments.” 

We are all working to continue to be a part of the solution, build on each of the employee experience layers, and continue to keep Outdoor Cap one of the Greatest Companies to Work For.


Learn more about working at Outdoor Cap here and check out the full list from PPAI. 


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