OC Sports: The Hottest New Style of 2017

The CT120M is a new OC Sports style in 2017. It was originally developed for softball teams and coaches. But it very quickly became popular with all kinds of sports fans and players.

It is a structured cap with a pro mid crown. It has a Q3® moisture-wicking sweatband and polyester/spandex front panels. It comes in 26 color combinations, including 4 neon options.

But there are two very unique things about this shape.

First, it is made of stretch mesh with a ProFlex® sweatband, so it has the look of a fitted cap but stretches to comfortably fit a range of sizes.

Not only does the stretch mesh look really sharp, it also offers significant ventilation during hot summer games and practices. In addition to having a moisture wicking sweatband, the mesh will help keep the wearer cool and comfortable in the heat.

Second, it has an extra-flexible visor. It is thinner than a traditional visor and comes slightly pre-curved. But the extra flexibility allows the wearer to shape it any way they want, as many times as they want.

In the past few years, we’ve seen a lot of disagreement between coaches and players in terms of flat vs. pre-curved. This cap gives the entire team and its fans, the choice to customize it how they want.

It can even be reshaped from day to day if you want to wear it flat one day and curved the next. The visor won’t lose its integrity no matter how many times it’s shaped. 

Like I said, this shape was developed with softball players and coaches in mind, but we’ve had a ton of orders from all different sports: football, golf, baseball, soccer, etc. Of course, coaches and fans of all of these sports love it as well.

OC Sports offers 4 custom programs:

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