How to Sell Caps to Independent Contractors

This is the final article in our construction series; we’re discussing entrepreneurs and independent contractors. Last time, we looked at the three sectors of the market.

IMG_2788.jpgIndependent Contractors

Although many of the vocations and trades in this section can work for corporate construction companies, we’re going to focus on those that own their own small business or work independently.

I would encourage any entrepreneur in these fields to use their promotional caps as part of the daily uniform for themselves and any employees. Caps are also good to give as gifts to new or potential customers. The advertising impressions increase with each cap added to the community.

Architectural Firms

Architectural firms will use proposals to bid on design projects with various clients—companies, city/state government, community groups, etc.

One way to set themselves apart from other architects bidding on a job is by offering a promotional gift to thank potential clients for their consideration.

Clients will appreciate the gesture, and the cap will help keep the firm top of mind when it comes time to select a design.


Electricians may specialize in residential, commercial, repairs, or remodels. Some have no specialty, but rather hustle every day to bring in new jobs. A lot of times, they rely on word of mouth to grow their small business.

Promotional caps enhance traditional word of mouth because they encourage satisfied customers to not only talk about the electrician and the work he did but also wear his logo and contact information out in the community creating more buzz.


Landscapers do a variety of jobs from mowing lawns to planting and maintaining gardens, to designing intricate outdoor entertainment spaces.

In my neighborhood, I get a lot of flyers stuffed in my door from landscapers looking to book additional work. Maybe it’s just me, but those never work. 

Alternatively, if I’m in the market for someone to take care of my flower beds, and I see someone wearing a cap at my neighborhood’s monthly block party advertising a landscaping service, that would catch my attention.

It shows me that my neighbor has used the company, approves of their work, and trusts the individuals that continue to come back to his house.

At the very least it would spark a conversation about the company, which anyone at the party can potentially join. Now that’s some serious word of mouth.


It’s even more important for potential clients to trust a painter than other entrepreneurs because the painter will actually be in the home, possibly when the homeowner is away. 

When neighbors and trusted community members give their seal of approval by wearing the painter’s cap, it can put potential clients at ease knowing he is trusted by their peers.


At some point, every homeowner will need to call a plumber. Whether it’s a leaky faucet, a broken garbage disposal, or something a little less sanitary, it’s bound to happen sooner or later.

Like painters, it’s important that plumbers are trusted, reliable sources since they will be in the home, at times unsupervised. Giving a promotional cap up front serves as an act of goodwill.

Homeowners will be more likely to trust a plumber who gives them a gift up front when entering the home. This practice is not unlike guests bringing a bottle of wine to the hostess of a dinner party. It’s a simple, kind gesture that instills faith in the owner of the home.


In addition to installing roofs on new buildings, roofing companies get a lot of business immediately following a big storm to repair any damage.

Often in times like these, homeowners will be frantic to get someone as soon as possible, especially if they have a leak that could cause further damage.

The objective for roofing companies in this scenario is to stand out from the crowd. What can a roofer do to ensure he gets a job even if he’s booked up for a week after the storm?

If homeowners have seen the roofer and his employees wearing the company’s branded hats while working in his neighborhood, and then saw the solid roofing job that was done, they’re already going to have a positive impression of the company. 

If they see their neighbors wearing the company’s cap and then receive one of their own, it’s only going to further increase their perception of the company.

The goal for roofers is to not only be on top of their house, but also on top of their heads.

The construction industry constitutes almost $800 Billion of the U.S GDP per quarter. Don’t forget to check out our previous article on the construction market.

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