Business Development Kit: Education

Outdoor Cap is changing the way you sell headwear in 2017 with our new Business Development Kits.

By choosing the Education Kit, you’ll receive:

  • Two Custom Greek Life Caps
  • An Education Industry White Paper
  • Targeted Customizable Flyers
  • An End User Focused PowerPoint Sales Presentation

The education industry is said to be a recession-proof market. In the worst of economic times, after the 2008 crisis, the education market remained steady and even showed considerable growth, all things considered.


The collegiate retail industry is estimated to be worth an annual $10 billion.

There are 2,618 colleges and universities in the United States, and they are a gold mine of promotional products. Everywhere you look, people are wearing branded hats or sweatshirts, even fanny packs.

Logoed hats make the perfect addition to swag bags, which are given to incoming freshmen and high school seniors.

There are countless collegiate programs that use promotional items as well.

  • Greek Life
  • Clubs & Activities
  • Athletics
  • Graduate Schools

High Schools

It can be difficult to start working with a new school that you haven’t yet established a rapport with. Referrals from people who have an “in” can do wonders to help you kick-start a working relationship.

Have you worked with a coach previously? Do you know someone on the school board? Break out your old Rolodex and see if you can make any connections. Smaller schools will usually have one buyer or decision maker. Larger schools may have one for each department. Try to schedule a meeting with the principal to discuss the school’s buying behavior.

To win that first sale, consider donating a percentage of the total amount of their order back into the school. This type of reciprocity will win you some faith and goodwill.

Consider all of the types of high schools and their internal organizations in your area:

  • Private
  • Public
  • Booster Clubs, PTAs & PTOs
  • Clubs & Activities
  • Athletics

Elementary Schools

School sponsored sports are less common at the elementary level. Often, athletics for younger children are organized through a community center or local league system. Reach out to your contacts at the schools; chances are they can get you in touch with a decision maker for community activities as well.

Do not discount the power of promotional caps to these organizations, though. The more personalized, the better. Parent’s love to personalize the team uniform with things like “Panther Dad” or “Gavin’s Mom.”

Trust me, my sister is that T-ball mom.


With the rise in popularity of private preschools and lower level educational institutions, there are endless opportunities for growth. Parents will put their unborn babies on waiting lists early during a pregnancy, and some preschools still won’t have a spot by the time the child has reached the proper age.

Trade Schools, Academies & Apprenticeships

There are countless alternatives for post-secondary education beyond traditional college coursework. Trade schools (also called vocational schools) are institutions where an individual learns to perform and perfect a skill or trade.

Life Learning

Education is not synonymous with blackboards and teachers. Children are educated about life in many ways and institutions that transcend a classroom.

A well-rounded child will be taught about things like health and social norms through a variety of situations that occur in group activities and shared spaces like gyms, centers, or camps.

Use your Education Kit to generate ideas for reaching out to any of the above-mentioned institutions and close more sales. 

At Outdoor Cap, we want to help you win the sale. When you succeed, we succeed. That is why we are offering these selling kits to you. It is important to us that your customers realize and take advantage of the value promotional headwear can bring them.

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