Account Leads: The First Step in Custom Domestic Embroidery

The first step in placing a custom domestic embroidery order is to contact your Account Lead. This person will act as your point of reference throughout the entire process from placing an order to receiving your shipment.

You can reach your established Account Lead or be matched with one if you haven't already done so by contacting Custom Sales-Phone: 888-639-4953, Fax: 479-464-4760, or Email:

The following people serve as Account Leads:

  • Sara Bradley
  • Emily Coan
  • Mason Dickson
  • Andrea Flynn
  • Ryan Folkes
  • Teri Goff
  • Kevin Hinds
  • Lacey Kohl
  • Sandy Miller
  • Malissa Wulfman


When we first receive a purchase order or sample request, it goes directly to the Account Lead. She will look it over and send the order to a Production Specialist to reserve the stock blank caps needed to fulfill your order. 

If the caps are on back order, or any other issues arise, your Account Lead will be in touch to let you know your options or give you an expected time frame. If there are no problems, your order then gets sent to a Sample Specialist to request your sample.

After you approve the sample, your order will go into production. At any time throughout this process, you can reach out to your Account Lead with any questions or concerns. Remember, they are your key point of contact. 

When your order ships, you'll receive tracking information, so you can keep up with the shipment. Of course, if there are any problems upon receiving your order, we encourage you to reach back out to your Account Lead so we can rectify any issues.

Keep checking back as we do a deep dive into each step in the custom domestic embroidery process. We'll sit down with a Sample Specialist next time to learn everything from their perspective. 

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