Headwear 101

Everyone loves hats! But have you ever wondered what goes into making a high quality cap or why they are a great tool for brand awareness? Let’s dive right in and tell you everything you need to know to build the perfect cap for your brand or organization.

Custom Straw

The Influence of Headwear

Headwear offers social proof with a 5-star review.

Caps are so visible that the wearer really considers them a part of their identity.

Great headwear has an exclusivity factor that further drives brand perception.

REDLBL110 Grey

The Value of Headwear

69% of Consumers Own a Promo Cap

1 Cap Averages Over 3,400 Unique Impressions

33% of Men Wear Their Cap Weekly or More Often

85% of People Remember the Advertiser Who Gave the Cap

Why do people buy caps?

Style, Attractiveness and Design

Price to Value Relationship

Perfect Fit

Color and Pattern

Brand and Quality

Utility and Function

Secondary Features

OC771 LN Heathered Grey/White

Elements of a Cap

The nuts and bolts of a hat. Keep these terms in mind as you consider what your perfect cap might look like.
(featuring Overseas Creative caps)

Noteworthy Cap Shapes

Standard Crown Build

5 and 6 panel caps are the most prominent crown compositions in the market, and they can come in a variety of styles.
5 Panel Crown
One Front Panel
(showing OC571 Slate/Charcoal/Rust)
6 Panel Crown
Two Front Panels
(showing OC803 Royal)

Noteworthy Cap Shapes

Crown Stiffness

Crown structure decides whether or not a cap will have a stiff, shaped exterior, or a relaxed, soft feel.
Structured Crown
Buckram or Fabric Behind Front Panel(s)
(showing OC771 Slate/Grey/Navy)
Unstructured Crown
No Backing Behind Front Panel(s)
(showing FWT-130 Light Sage/Putty)

Noteworthy Cap Shapes

Crown Height

Pro High
It has a structured, steep profile and is typically featured with a flat visor.
Pro Mid
The traditional "baseball cap" shape, it is usually structured, but has a slightly lower profile.
Pro Round
It has premium buckram and rounded upper panels that contour to rest securely on the head and is featured with a slightly pre-curved visor.
Mid to Low
It is slightly less slanted and more shallow than the Pro Mid, but can be structured or unstructured.
It is either unstructured or lightly structured to lie closely to the head and is paired with a pre-curved visor.

Popular Closures and Fit

Standard Adjustable

Gives the look and feel of a fitted cap, with a flexible sweatband for added comfort and versatility.
(showing TGS1930X Graphite/Navy)
ProFlex Adjustable
All the same benefits as ProFlex, except with an adjustable closure.
(showing RGR-360M Charcoal/Black)

Decoration Programs

Domestic Decoration

Stock headwear options and simple but proven branding decoration options like embroidery and patches make this low minimum, quick-turn program a great way to get headwear into your business.
(featuring OC771P Stone/Black/Red Plaid)

Decoration Programs

Overseas Creative

When you have longer lead times available, the possibilities are endless.Build a one of a kind cap with lots of trending design techniques, fabrics, and colors to meet your needs.