UPDATE 12/12/2017: The Product Testing Team is now full and we are no longer accepting any applications. Thank you for your interest in the Outdoor Cap Product Testing Team.

We Need Product Testers!


For almost 40 years, Outdoor Cap Company has been driven by our strong and passionate commitment to our customers to create quality headwear. In our quest to continue this tradition and bring the latest technologies in performance headwear, we are seeking a broad variety of outdoor enthusiasts who will test our headwear and provide constructive and candid feedback.   If you are serious about the outdoors and the gear that you need and would like to be a part of our testing program, please apply. US Residents Only. 

What is involved in being a headwear tester?

  • Headwear Testing Program – what is it?
  • Communication
  • Test Subjects
  • What and When do we test?
  • How?
  • Timelines
  • Feedback
  • Return of Product
  • Confidentiality
  • What if?
  • How to apply?



The Headwear Product Testing Group is responsible for validating the fit, feel, performance of our headwear. 



Outdoor Cap Company testing group recruits test subjects through a variety of avenues – website, publications, social media, and trade shows.  Being a part of the testing program is VOLUNTARY.



We test various types of headwear throughout the year.  Our focus is to test our products with the right consumer for intended activity and performance level. 


When a test is generated, we always invite a few more testers than we have samples to ensure that we can fill the test as soon as possible.  So, when you receive an invitation to test, the sooner you respond with your preference (Accept/Decline), the better chance you have of being included in the test.  Declining a test does not negatively impact your chances for future testing.



Once you are received into a test, you will be provided with samples and brief information regarding the samples.  We will then ask you to complete an online survey at https://www.getfeedback.com/r/UqoomYzY  for each item testing.  One item per survey.



Getting information back in time is crucial to the testing process.   Tests are run on a timeline and it is critical that testers answer surveys completely and promptly.  We would like to have results back within 2 weeks after receiving samples if possible.  Please let us know if it will be longer than that and we will determine if we can accommodate for the results.



We want insightful observations on how the product fits, how it performs, and if it is durable for your activity.  We are also looking for information and ideas on how the product can be improved.



The product we ask you to test does not have to be returned to us. 



During your application process, you are required to Read & Accept Outdoor Cap Company’s Product Testing Agreement form.  Please make sure you read this agreement and always follow its guidelines.   Once you have read the agreement, we recommend you print it and keep it as a reference.  Failure to follow the guidelines outlined in the agreement may result in dismissal from the testing program.



If at any time during the test, you experience irritation or discomfort caused by the headwear or you can’t meet the testing commitment, please contact us immediately.



The application process may take approximately 10 minutes to complete. 

UPDATE 12/12/2017: The Product Testing Team is now full and we are no longer accepting any applications. Thank you for your interest in the Outdoor Cap Product Testing Team.


Thank you for giving product testing your consideration.