Protecting the Future of the Great Outdoors

At Outdoor Cap the outdoors isn’t just in our name, it’s part of our cultural DNA. Among our employees are outdoor enthusiasts of every kind: hikers, climbers, fishers, mountain bikers, trail runners, hunters, campers, birdwatchers, and kayakers. Whatever the outdoor activity you are sure to find someone who enjoys it at Outdoor Cap. We love the outdoors and know when customers are shopping for outdoor apparel it is because, like us, they love the outdoors as well. Out of our deep love and appreciation of the outdoors flows a commitment to preserving and maintaining the natural world around us – both for today and for generations to come. We are passionate about leaving things better than we found them as evidenced by our commitment to conservation.


When we talk about conservation at Outdoor Cap we mean the protection, preservation, and restoration of both the natural environment and its wildlife. By preserving our forests, rivers, lakes, and wetlands we are ensuring there will always be places for outdoor enthusiasts of every kind to explore and enjoy. Many of Outdoor Cap’s conservation efforts are undertaken in partnership with our fantastic outdoor brands and retail licensing partners, who combined have conserved over 50 million acres through habitat conservation programs.

2000_Cap-2020-11-12-BAO-VAN-CAMP_76 Locally, Outdoor Cap is a contributing donor to the Wonders of Wildlife Museum & Aquarium located in Springfield, Missouri and is proud to contribute to The Ozark Highlands Nature Center, a 60-acre nature preserve and 32,000 Square foot learning and exhibition hall located in Northwest Arkansas.

As part of our commitment to environmental stewardship Outdoor Cap provides product and cash donations to a variety of conservation-focused non-profits both locally in Northwest Arkansas and throughout North America. Annually, Outdoor Cap donates over 10,000 hats to local organizations and since 2018 has contributed over $120,000 for wildlife and habitat conservation. Outdoor Cap is deeply committed to outdoor and wildlife conservation by protecting our natural environments, ensuring they remain unspoiled for our families and our customers to enjoy both now and in the future.