Men’s Hat Trends: Spring/Summer 2020

Welcome to the second article in the Spring/Summer 2020 style series on men’s headwear.

This season, there are three overarching trends. 

The first style for the S/S ’20 season is full of recycled materials and other renewable resources that cause less harm and provide more help. With the popularity of CBD and other cannabis products. comes a rise in hemp materials.

The next trend consists of products with a political or social message. Did you know 57% of consumers will either buy from or boycott a brand due to their beliefs?

The final style focuses on emotional connections to people and products whether they are manufactured or organic.

Check out our last blog where we covered women’s styles. In the coming weeks, we will go over youth trends, so stay tuned.

It’s not too late to review and prepare for Autumn/Winter 2019 as well.mens-trends-blog-pics-4

Men’s Headwear: Styles and Personality


We’ve seen a lot of new and innovative camo patterns hit the market in the past couple of years. Fishing camo is a huge business now with Mossy Oak and Realtree both releasing patterns. This season, you can expect to see a lot of custom and generic camo as well as fractal distribution patterns, similar to what Kryptek does.

You’ll see a lot of caps inspired by workwear with durable fabrics and earth tones. Mountain scenery and fish imagery are both very common. Sustainable fabrics and apparel promoting social causes are big in this market.

Surf and Skate

Dad hats have taken over this section of the market. We’re seeing a lot of relaxed, casual cap shapes with interesting fabrics like corduroy and velvet. Generic camo, palm trees, sublimation, and faded patterns are all common ways to decorate.

Old School

You can expect to see trucker hats, buckets, boonies, captain’s shapes, volleys, and packable caps. Leather patches and patches with park scenery are huge in this market. You’ll see decorative details like patterned ropes and frayed patches.


The Americana trend is very prominent in men’s caps. The summer months are home to both Memorial Day and Independence Day, so consumers want to show their patriotism. This season, you can expect a loud red white and blue palette, tie-dyes, and flag patterns within a larger patch.

Another thing to keep in mind during summer is sun safety. We’re seeing a lot of matching sets with hats, neck tubes, and sleeves, which are either neutral or in-your-face bright patterns; there is no middle ground. Athleisure styles are driven by attributes. You can expect perforation, sustainable fabrics, taping, and minimal branding.

Men’s Headwear: Decoration Elements


The graphics this season include detailed illustrations with animals, nature, desert scenery, tropical imagery, and park pride. We’re seeing a lot of soft colors, retro graphics, and circular shapes.

Trim and Details

You can expect small embroidered branding hits, tribal prints, checkered looks, tie-dyes, and throwbacks to the 80s and 90s. Unique closures, sport taping, and inside details are popular. Some of the interesting fabrics include hemp, ripstop, denim, canvas, and suede.

Keep checking back every Monday! Next week we’ll cover youth hat trend. Let us know what you think about the men’s caps in the comments below. You can also follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.