Celebrating the Women of Outdoor Cap -- International Women's Month

As this year’s International Women’s Month comes to an end, we recognize and celebrate the tremendous contributions made by the many women at Outdoor Cap who each day bring their absolute best across every aspect of our business. Throughout this month we’ve invited team members to recognize the contributions of female Outdoor Cap employees, and wanted to share highlights from the submissions we received.

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Michelle Brown is the lead designer for the Outdoor Network and has set the bar for what is expected of a lead designer. She is fantastic at both listening to the needs of her customer and managing her team to bring forth the best ideas. She leads her team with humility and friendliness making every day a joy to work alongside her.

Jane Calvas is the product specialist for the Outdoor Network and has excelled since joining Outdoor Cap in the summer of 2021. She's made the most of every opportunity to learn and contribute to her team. She brings a positive attitude and great sense of humor to projects.

Cassidy Ford is a product strategy coordinator who goes above and beyond everyday. She was a member of the top retail sales network in 2021 and is recognized for the support and care she provides to every person in her network.

Susan Fredrick was recently promoted to purchasing coordinator II for the Outdoor Network in recognition of her maturity and calm demeanor, ability to train and equip new team members, and her consistent team leadership. 

Katrina Friend is Outdoor Cap's corporate training manager and has been a tremendous support to the HR team jumping into projects wherever she is needed. She is a teacher and encourager to her co-workers and helps bring out the best in everyone around her.

Jeanelle Harris was promoted to president of Outdoor Cap in February and continues to make a tremendous positive impact at Outdoor Cap as she shapes its future. Her colleagues recognize her as a great listener, valuing the opinions of others and has the ability to see the potential in others and position them for success.

Alex Heislen is an internal sales rep who shows up everyday with a smile on her face and ready to do whatever it takes to help her customers. She sets a positive example and helps lead her network with poise and grace.

Paula Hutchings provides business intelligence analytics to our mass sales team. Her positive attitude, proactive nature, and tremendous work ethic make her a crucial member of her team.

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Denetra Johnson is a member of the Dallas DC team working to pull, pack and ship orders. She is always positive and willing to help meet the teams needs. As she pulls the majority of orders, so much of the Dallas DC's phenomenal 99.65% accuracy rate is thanks to her efforts!

Maricela Moreno works to place production orders for catalog stock then with the receiving and accounting teams to ensure correct records. Her knowledge, attention to detail, and substantial productivity has been vital during this season of supply chain challenges.

Carine Palmer is the product strategy manager within product development and is recognized for her extensive knowledge of all things Outdoor Cap and is always making herself available to help others. She is constantly seeking the best and most efficient ways to accomplish a goal while bringing a sense of joy to every project she works.

Holly Randolph is a regional account manager who leads some of our custom teams. Her team appreciates her dedication to her team, her ability to bring out the best in people, and her supportive spirit.

Edith Salinas works in product development as supporting the Outdoor Network. She is extremely smart and looks for every opportunity to help her team. Even greater than her recognition as a member of the top retail network Edith gave birth to her first child in 2021!

Alice Sherwood is a product specialist in the custom department who is appreciated for her willingness to help wherever she is needed. She makes significant contributions to her team to help them succeed while bringing a caring and supportive attitude to everything she does.

Devin Tuggle is the director of custom sales and is recognized for her collaborative spirit and her dedication to improving all aspects of the custom sales department for the benefit of both our custom sales team members and our customers.

Bao Yang is a product specialist in the custom department who recently facilitated a 35,000 piece order and is appreciated for the attentiveness and responsibility with which she approaches her work and the encouraging and uplifting spirit with which she supports those around her.

Outdoor Cap celebrates these women who were recognized by their peers over the past month and the many other women whose contributions to Outdoor Cap make it a leader in the cap business as well as a wonderful place to work. We are thankful for the intelligence, insight, inspiration, and work ethic they bring with them each day. And we celebrate how they collectively encompass the very best of what Outdoor Cap stands for as enshrined in our Founder's Pillars.

To all the women at Outdoor Cap we thank you and celebrate you as vital to making Outdoor Cap The Headwear Experts.

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