Business Development Kit: Beverages

Outdoor Cap is changing the way you sell headwear in 2017 with our new Business Development Kits.

By choosing the Beverage Kit, you'll receive:

  • Three Custom Brewery Caps
  • A Beverage Industry White Paper
  • Targeted Customizable Flyers
  • An End User Focused PowerPoint Sales Presentation

The specialty beverage industry is a multi-billion dollar business. Offering everything from bottled water to meal replacements, the promotional sales opportunities are seemingly endless.blog_beverage BDK.jpg

Tea Rooms and Coffee Shops

Tea is the world's second most consumed drink behind water. Studies show that over 80% of the adults consume coffee at least on an occasional basis. The morning pick-me-up habit is rooted in American culture. For many, it's a necessary daily ritual.

These small shops are always looking for ways to encourage people to ditch the name brand and drink locally. Promotional hats are the perfect way to do this as each hat gets over 3,100 impressions throughout its lifespan.

Smoothie and Juice Bars

These businesses act similarly to tea rooms and coffee shops, except they're promoting healthy lifestyles and wellness rather than caffeine addiction. They offer things like meal-replacement shakes, juice cleanses, and a low-calorie or low-carb menu.

They too are looking to promote their business to locals as well as outfit their employees with uniforms.

Energy Drink Companies

These companies focus a big portion of their marketing efforts on high-energy, living-on-the-edge events and lifestyles. If you think about Redbull or Monster, what's the first thing that comes to mind? For me, it's extreme sports.

They sponsor athletes and extremists, and they have a large presence at things like sporting events and concerts. They will either give their promotional products away or sell them as merch. Either way, they need to get high-quality gear at a wholesale price.

Breweries, Distilleries, and Wineries

The craft beer industry grew 18% in 2014, outperforming overall beer sales. Breweries take raw ingredients necessary to craft their unique artisan beers and turn them into a consumable product.

Like microbreweries, distilleries turn raw ingredients into aged, fermented liquors and spirits. There are both large, name-brand alcohols and small-scale distilleries.

Many offer daily walk-throughs of their facilities as a tourist attraction.

Wineries are also a big tourist attraction. They offer vineyard tours, tastings, pairing classes, grape stomps, some even have room and board on site. Travel makes up a significant portion of their revenue, and rarely do visitors leave without purchasing a case or two, at least in my experience.

Alcohol Distributors

Distributors are always looking for ways to push their products, just like you are. Alcohol distributors, like energy drink distributors, are trying to get their beverages into grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, liquor stores, bars, nightclubs, venues, etc.

Bars and Nightclubs

Bars and nightclubs try to find ways to drive business and increase their customer base. They do this by offering live music, trivia nights, DJs, holiday events, drink specials, etc.

Promotional hats are just one more piece of the pie, and it's your job to provide the ROI defense to prove it's worth their time and money.

Liquor Stores

What if we could change the way customers shop for alcohol? What if liquor stores could establish the same friendly ambiance sports bars and grills enjoy all over the country?

Would a shopper select a liquor store because last time she went she got a free hat after upgrading to the party size bottle?

Use your Beverage Kit to generate ideas for reaching out to any of the above-mentioned restaurants or facilities and close more sales. 

At Outdoor Cap, we want to help you win the sale. When you succeed, we succeed. That is why we are offering these selling kits to you. It is important to us that your customers realize and take advantage of the value promotional headwear can bring them. 

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