3 Things to Know About Our Website Update

You may have noticed some recent changes to our websites. If you haven’t yet seen the updates, the links below will take you to each site.

We’ve been working with some very talented designers for several months to provide you with an updated, easy to use website.

Before you read any further, you can rest assured, nearly all functionality will remain the same. We’re updating the look, responsiveness, and usability.

You will not have to learn any new systems.

Now that the scary stuff is out of the way, let’s talk about what is changing and what that means for you.

1. It is primarily a cosmetic change.

We’ve implemented what is called a reskin.

This is very different from a redesign. A reskin is all about the look and feel of the website. Alternatively, a redesign changes the functionality, code, etc. in addition to other updates.

Our goal is to give Outdoor Cap a fresh online presence as we move through 2017. 

Since applying the reskin, our website is significanty more aesthetically pleasing. We’ve provided a modern, clean design that is simple to navigate and easy on the eyes.

2. It is mobile friendly.

More and more of our customers are utilizing smart phones and tablets to interact with us online, but our old website was not responsive to these new ways of doing business.

We’ve found that in order for Outdoor Cap Company to move forward, it is vital that we adapt a web presence that responds to different mobile devices and screen sizes.

This way, our customers can reach us whenever they want; however they want.

3. It is easier to use.

Prior to the reskin, unless you were familiar with the site, you had to click around in order to find the pages and products you were looking for. This was not ideal to grow our business and adequately onboard new customers.

Now, we have highly visible navigation toolbars at the top of each page that will take you exactly where you want to go with a much shorter route.

Please, feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns as we all pilot this change together. You can comment below, reach out to your Account Lead, or contact Customer Care directly. We appreciate your patience. For more information, don’t forget to follow us on FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter.