Corporate Responsibility
Customer Service

We think responsibility is responsibility, whatever adjective you place in front of it.

We strive first and foremost to be trustworthy, to display common sense, to demonstrate reliability and to prove to be dependable to our customers, employees, factories, licensing partners and global community. At Outdoor Cap, we try our best to be a company you can count on to do the right thing...a company that operates with integrity.

People are at the heart of our responsibility efforts on each front. And, people are the heart of our responsibility efforts. We are people serving people, and it just so happens we do that through headwear.

The global nature of our business has raised many questions about how we address issues of social responsibility, the environmental impact of our procurement, production and product, and how we interact with the local and global communities of which we are a part. Since 1977 Outdoor Cap has been continually acting with integrity to answer these questions by advancing responsible policies and processes that positively impact the global community.